Bidding Prayers for Sunday 24th March

Holy God, as we enter Holy Week, grant us compassion for our fellow human beings, strength to stand up for justice, wisdom to live well and courage to face the cross…

We continue to hold in our hearts and our prayers all those who are caught up in war or political turbulence, and for those trying to get aid to where it’s so badly needed. We ask God to mend division and heal broken hearts.

Lord on thy mercy​Hear our prayer.

We pray for King Charles, for the Princess of Wales and for anyone facing illness or frailty. We ask God to grant fortitude and faith, comfort and consolation.

Lord on thy mercy​Hear our prayer.

As we see the green shoots of spring and hear birdsong, we give thanks for the wonderful gift of nature. We commit to be good custodians of our environment and we pray for the future of our planet.

Lord on thy mercy​Hear our prayer.

We pray for those whose sense of wonder at God’s creation is blighted and thwarted by suffering and anxiety. We ask God to grant them a glimpse of truth and beauty, and we pray for ourselves in those times when we lose sight of the wondrousness of creation.

Lord of Life, as the days lengthen and we see signs of new life, we thank you for the warmth of the sun, for turning the wheel of the seasons, and for the beauty of the earth. Amen.