Bidding Prayers for Sunday 24th October

The gift of faith helps us to see the world with a new vision and, as children of God, we share in Christ’s priesthood. Let us never lose sight of this great privilege, and always work to heal a broken world.

We pray for all priests, deacons, and religious, that they may lead the Church in Christ’s mission of spiritual healing and salvation.

We pray for our governments and health services, that they may lead us through the second winter of the pandemic with wisdom and compassion.

We pray for the sick and the suffering, and all those who are spiritually hungry or broken, that they may find comfort in Christ’s boundless love.

We pray for the children of the future, may our children never have to deal with a shortage of water, extreme weather or the witness the continuous irreversible destruction of their environment.

Loving God, Father Son and Holy Spirit, help us to celebrate your love in our lives. Touch our hopes and dreams with your grace so that they bring us closer to you and to each other. Amen.