Bidding Prayers for Sunday 25th February

Loving Lord, walk beside us as we journey through Lent. Help us to navigate the trials and tribulations that present themselves to us. Hear our prayers we bring before you.

As we take our steps on the Lenten path, we pray  to confront our inner struggles and to allow the voice of God to speak to our hearts.

We pray for all those that are feeling isolated and lonely. May they feel the love and companionship of the Holy Spirit.

With many households and families facing financial burden, we pray that those living on the breadline receive the support they need to survive and thrive.

We pray for all those experiencing pain and discomfort. May they have hope and reassurance for better days ahead.

We pray for all students undertaking exam revision. May their hard work and dedication be rewarded.

We pray for our own church community; may we grow together in faith and compassion. We give thanks to our clergy that inspire us weekly on our journey with God.

Lord of healing and hope, live among us in the hearts of all who know and love you. Amen.