Bidding Prayers for Sunday 25th July

Lord, we come in search of answers. Let us always hear your voice and be guided by you, through your son Jesus Christ. Hear our prayers that we bring before you.

As the number of people crossing the Channel this year continues to rise, let us pray for those that risk their life in search of safety, happiness and opportunity.

We pray that the government will act fast to help relieve the pressure on supply chains caused by COVID related staffing shortages and the impact of Brexit, leaving many businesses struggling to fill the gaps.

We pray and pause to remember the 128,000 people that have died from Coronavirus in the UK. May they enjoy eternal rest in the Kingdom of Heaven.

We pray for the ongoing might and courage of NHS workers up and down the country. May the Holy Spirit bless and protect them and renew them at the end of each shift. 

As the summer holidays begin, and schools break up for this academic year, we pray that both teachers and pupils enjoy the summer break and feel ready and refreshed to begin new adventures in September.

As we commemorate the Feast of St James, let us pray to travel through life inspiring others. Let us all be pilgrims travelling together with a Christian compass. 

Merciful Father, thank you for all you have done for us and all you continue to do. You are our bread of life. Amen.