Bidding Prayers for Sunday 25th September

Loving Lord, we pray for all people living in poverty. May they have enough food, clothes, shelter, and money to live a good life. We pray for all affluent people. May they be generous with their wealth and share with those who are in need. Hear our prayers.

We pray for King Charles III as he begins his reign. May his mother’s influence guide him in all his new responsibilities and duties. We pray for The Royal Family as they mourn Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and come to terms with a life without her steering presence.

We pray for all those that are mourning the loss of a loved one. May the Holy Spirit lift them from their ocean of grief and help guide them to sail calmer, peaceful waters.

We pray for all those have recently departed this life. May they be greeted by a chorus of angels as they journey to their forever home, seated safely beside our Heavenly King.

We pray for all those enlisted in the armed forces, especially those serving in action now. May the Holy Spirit bless and protect them and reward them for their dedicated life of service.

We pray for our children and young adults that are suffering due to overexposure and misuse of social media. May social media companies take responsibly and vow to protect our young minds. May teachers, mentors, and carers help teach children to use sites carefully, mindfully, and safely.

We pray for a moment for our own personal petitions…

Heavenly King, we are all your sheep and devote ourselves to you. Help us hear your voice in our busy every day. Amen.