Bidding Prayers for Sunday 26th February

1st Sunday of Lent

Lord God of mercy and forgiveness, we come before you, whose love is more than we can imagine and your compassion infinitely beyond our capabilities. We bring ourselves and all those who we know and love, placing them in your hands.

We pray for all church leaders. May their words and example lead many people to follow Jesus on our Lenten journey towards the resurrection.

We pray for world leaders. May they work for peace and reconciliation between peoples and especially in those areas of the world where there is fighting and bloodshed.

We pray for the leaders and people of Russia and Ukraine as the countries mark one year since the invasion of Ukraine. May there be an end to hostilities so that families can mourn their dead and rebuild their lives in hope and harmony.

We pray for all those who have been affected by the recent earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. May those who have died receive eternal rest. May those who mourn be comforted and supported as they live through the many tragedies which surround them. May the rescue and medical services find the courage, strength and resilience that they need at this time.

We pray for families who are struggling in the present economic difficulties. May there be answers to the questions and security where there is insecurity.

We pray for young people who are making major decisions regarding their studies and future careers. May they find wise mentors to guide them and the resources that they need in order to reach for their dreams.

We pray for ourselves as we begin our Lenten journey. May we have the insight and perseverance that we need in order to follow Jesus ever more closely and lovingly.

Lord God, be with us. Stay with us. Fill our hearts with love for you and each other. Amen.