Bidding Prayers for Sunday 26th June

Today, we remember the needs of the world and of those who are part of our own life and journey.

We remember all religious leaders. May they inspire many individuals, communities and governments to show compassion for the most vulnerable people in their midst.

We remember the people of Afghanistan as they cope with the aftermath of this week’s earthquake. May those who have died have eternal life, those who mourn be comforted and may all find the courage, strength and support that they need at this tragic time.

We remember the men and women with responsibilities for national and local government and legislation. May they work for the good of those whom they serve and nurture communities of justice and peace.

We remember the people of Ukraine and other battle-torn areas of our world. May they know peace, security and the comfort of their own homes.

We remember the people of Bangladesh as they cope with devastating floods. May they find the support they need to rebuild their lives and homes.

We remember our families and all who are experiencing financial and employment difficulties at this present time. May they know hope-filled solutions to their challenges and grow ever closer to their loved ones.

We remember children and young people who will soon know big changes to their lives as they come to the end of this academic year. May their schools, colleges, universities, apprenticeships, and workplaces help them to achieve their hopes and dreams.

Lord God, be with us and with everyone we know and love. Help us to come closer to you, who love us more than we can possibly imagine. Amazing God, we love you. Amen.