Bidding Prayers for Sunday 26th September

Loving Lord, we are called to serve others. Help us to recognise God’s spirit working in the people around us. Hear our prayers we bring before you.

Let us pray to have a “closeness with God” and remember the importance of prayer. Not the formal prayer that does not touch the heart – but one that struggles with God and draws us closer to Him. Help us to never be too busy to pray.

As the price of gas rockets and UK supermarkets face food shortages, let us pray that the Government and suppliers can work together to create a sustainable agreement.

We pray for those that are homeless, with no shelter or place to lay their head. May the Holy Spirit provide them shelter, security and hope to rebuild their lives.

We pray for those feeling afraid and worried about their safety. May they seek protection and solace through their friendships and professional support.

Let us pray for those suffering racism or any kind of social injustice. May those in authority act to defend integrity, peace, and equality for all.

As the winter season approaches, we pray for all those working in healthcare settings. May the Holy Spirit bless and protect our NHS workforce, renew their energy, and restore their wellbeing.

Heavenly King, guide us to witness seeing you in all we do as we help to bring your spirit to the world. Amen.