Bidding Prayers for Sunday 27th February

Loving Lord, today you tell us that our words flow out of all that is in our heart. You know that our hearts hold far more than we can ever express and so we come before you, loving you and confident that you will hear even our unspoken prayers.

Ukraine is in the news and the many efforts to avoid war and bloodshed. Guide the words and actions of those who would bring peace. Give courage and strength to the innocent people who yearn for security and normality.

Many people are anxious about relaxing Covid rules and practices. Be with us in our new beginnings and help us to make the right decisions for the health and wellbeing of all those whom we know and love.

Three major storms recently affected people throughout the country. Be with everyone who is coping with bereavement, injury, flooding, power cuts and storm damage. Give eternal rest to those who died.

We are experiencing climate change and the effects of human mismanagement of our environment. Give us the wisdom and resourcefulness to repair the damage to our natural world so that we can all enjoy its loveliness, now and for generations to come.

Family members are an important part of our lives. Be with them in their ups and downs, their hopes and their dreams and fill them with happiness and peace.

Holy Trinity of life and love, be with us in everything that we say, think and do. Bring us closer to you and to each other. Amen.