Bidding Prayers for Sunday 27th November

Heavenly Father, as we mark the beginning of the Church’s liturgical year and begin our Advent journey, help us to be enveloped in your presence as we await your joyful coming. Hear our prayers.

We pray for residents that are currently living in one of the tens of thousands of homes throughout the UK that are deemed unsafe. Everyone should be provided with safe and warm shelter, help government leaders ensure this is the case. We particularly remember and pray for the toddler, Awaab Ishak, that died due to exposure to mould at home.

As energy bills rise, and temperatures plunge, we pray for those that are living in fear and anxiety for the coming months. We principally remember the elderly, infirm and isolated.

In a world of war and disaster, famine, and disease, as Christians we pray together for all our brothers and sisters around the globe that are living in daily despair. Let us remember them this Advent and pray for their safety.

We pray for those experiencing new beginnings, may their new path lead them to happy fulfilment.

As the commercial side of Christmas is upon us, let us remember those that have nothing and remind ourselves the greatest gift we can give this year is our time and attention to those in need.

Let us pray for a moment for our own personal petitions…

Lord, as we light our first Advent candle, we remember you are the light of the world. Amen.