Bidding Prayers for Sunday 28th August

Lord Jesus, help us to welcome everyone with kindness as you would. Hear our prayers we bring before you.

We pray for peace for the Ukrainian people suffering from the horrors of war for six months now. Let us remember the many orphans, both Ukrainian and Russian, while calling on the world to remember war victims in Syria, Yemen, and Myanmar.

We pray for the nearly 1,000 boys and girls that have been killed or injured in the war in Ukraine, may eternal rest be granted to them and may the Holy Spirit bless and comfort their loved ones.

We pray for all children and young adults as they begin to start a new season in their lives, be that starting school, joining a new school, beginning college or university studies. May they find joy and happiness in their new experiences.

We pray for all those that are lonely. May they feel the love and compassion of the Holy Spirit that resides within them.

We pray for those that are mourning the loss of a loved one. May the treasured memories they hold dear bring them comfort in their grief.

As August draws to a close, we give thanks for all the memories we have created with friends and loved ones this summer and pray the autumn and winter months that follow will provide us with much hope and faith for the future.

Heavenly Father, we look to you for guidance. Help us to find peace in our busy lives to sit and be still with you. Amen