Bidding Prayers for Sunday 28th January

Loving Lord, your words impressed people because you spoke with authority. We want to listen to you but we are also aware of our shortcomings and our need for you to be with us at every moment of every day.

We pray for religious leaders as they challenge us to listen to your word. May we have ears and hearts that are open to everything you want to say to us.

We pray for people in authority, who are called to listen to God’s word and to work for the people they serve. May they serve with generosity and kindness. May they be guided by compassion and truth.

We pray for parents, teachers and all who have care of young people. May they be filled with wisdom and humility. May they be sensitive to the unspoken words deep in the hearts of the youngsters in their care.

We pray for the people who are living in the world’s conflict areas where the need to survive from day-to-day may silence God’s voice in their hearts. May they find the security and peace that they need to live in understanding and hope.

We pray for decision makers, especially those who are unsure of the path that they must take. We pray that they may have clear thinking and right judgement.

Good God, fill us with understanding so that you may follow you in all that we say, think and do. Lead us in the path that you want us to follow. Amen.