Bidding Prayers for Sunday 29th August

Lord God, you are great. You are glorious. You are wonderful – and you know and love each one of u far more than we can possibly imagine. Today, we come before you, humbly offering our prayers for ourselves and for the many men, women and children who are in need at this present time.

We pray for Church Leaders as they work to lead fragile humanity to live with greater love and compassion. May their inspiration help us to act with insight and tenderness, making our planet a loving, beautiful and secure home for all peoples.

We pray for world leaders as they try to find a just solution to the crisis in Afghanistan. May they ease the suffering and anxiety of the many people who are afraid for their lives and their futures.

We pray for the people of Haiti as they struggle to come to terms with the aftermath of the recent earthquake. May they find the support and the courage that they need to rebuild their lives.

We pray for all frontline workers who bring care to people who are elderly, sick or vulnerable in any way. May they experience hope and appreciation in their efforts to give dignity and support to others.

We pray for families during this holiday season. May they be safe and filled with happiness in their time together.

We pray for all students and their teachers as they look towards the next academic year. May it be a time of sharing and growth towards a hope-filled future.

Loving God, we know that you are with us at every moment of every day. Give us the courage and strength that we need to come closer to each other and to you, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the king and centre of our hearts. Amen.