Bidding Prayers for Sunday 29th May

God our Father, in today’s Gospel, we hear Jesus pray that we might be united with you and with each other. Sometimes, in our fragile world, that unity seems to be almost impossible. Yet, confident that Jesus walks with us, we bring you our prayers, our hopes and our dreams.

We pray for all religious leaders. May they inspire us to hope for the day when we can truly be together in working for unity and peace.

We pray for peacemakers. May their efforts to create unity blossom in the family, workplace, village and nation. May there be an end conflict, division and suffering for the people of Ukraine, Yemen, Nigeria, Myanmar, Ethiopia and all areas of fighting and bloodshed.

We pray for Queen Elizabeth and for all who are working to make her Platinum Jubilee an occasion of happiness and unity. May her seventy years of dedicated service inspire many people to respond to the needs of others.

We pray for all those who are currently taking exams. May they be blessed with insight, calmness and wisdom.

We pray for people struggling with the rising cost of living. May there be an end to their anxiety and a just and satisfactory solution to their difficulties.

We pray for people who are searching for a home, for security and a family life. May they discover laughter, love and peace.

Loving Lord, as we look towards Pentecost and the gift of the Holy Spirit of unity and peace, fill our hearts and minds with your love. Amen.