Bidding Prayers for Sunday 30th July

Lord God, Jesus described the Kingdom of heaven as something so precious that’s nothing else could compare with it. We come to you today, conscious of your love and bringing with us our prayers, hopes and dreams for ourselves and all those who we know and love.

We pray to Christians not to forget the many conflicts and clashes that are wreaking death, suffering and damage across the globe, and asks us never to tire of praying, as “prayer is the gentle force that protects and sustains the world.”

As Pope Francis prepares to travel to Portugal for World Youth Day, we pray that he will inspire young people to spread God’s message of hope to the world.

Within the next few days, tens of thousands of young people will travel to Portugal for World Youth Day. We pray that they will travel safely, support and encourage each other and return home safely to their families and loved ones.

Wildfires are currently endangering the lives and livelihoods of many people. We pray for the firefighters who risk their lives to tackle the flames which have sometimes been the work of arsonists. May their courage and hard work be blessed and may they and their families be safe.

We pray for those who must rebuild their lives following this year’s floods and wildfires. May they find hope and support as they make their new beginnings.

We pray for families who will have more time together during the summer holidays. May they discover new happiness in each other’s company.

We pray for those who find it hard to cope with the current cost of living crisis. May their difficulties have manageable solutions which will help them to look forward in hope to the future.

Lord of life and love, be with us, stay with us and lead us ever closer to you. Amen.