Bidding Prayers for Sunday 30th October

Lord, help us to explore the virtue of humility and keep ourselves forever in your light. Hear our prayers we bring before you.

As our country welcomes a new Prime Minister, we pray that Rishi Sunak will lead us demonstrating mindful intellect and displaying virtues of empathy, understanding and truthfulness, restoring our trust in government.

As Putin continues to threat of a nuclear strike, we pray that people close to him will persuade him to act with caution, care, and respect for the worldwide community.

As the clocks go back, we pray for a safe and secure winter. Let us remember those that are homeless, hungry and in need of shelter and warmth. Let us be beacons of light, helping those most in need. 

On Tuesday, 1 November, we observe All Saints Day. We pray to the Saints and ask them to inspire us to lead faithful, devoted lives, to overcome adversity and be joyful messengers of the Christian faith.

As we approach the Commemoration of all the Faithful Departed (All Souls), we pray for those that have recently departed this life and are now seated in Heaven. We turn our attention to their loved ones, may the Holy Spirit comfort and be beside them through their loss.

Lord Jesus, help us always to choose you and to put you first. Amen.