Bidding Prayers for Sunday 31st July

Dear God, help remind us that our ultimate joy does not lie in an accumulation of wealth and material goods but in a true, happy, and loving heart. Hear our prayers we bring before you.

Let us give thanks to our parents and grandparents, who helped us feel welcome in the world and who love us unconditionally, without expecting anything back.

We pray for the people of Ukraine that have been under constant attack since February. We pray for families and businesses that are doing their best to keep the country running.

We pray for sporting heroes, particularly the women’s England football team and competitors in the Commonwealth Games, that inspire us with their dedication, hard work and passion.

We pray for families and students that are enjoying the summer break. May they return to their work and studies feeling refreshed and well rested having created special memories.

We pray for households that are struggling financially. May they receive the support they need and seek help from family, friends and loved ones.

We pray for those facing difficult relationships, be that personal or professional. May they seek the good grace they need to rise above communication challenges and work towards more harmonious interactions.

Lord Jesus, we always remember our true happiness lies in you. Amen.