Bidding Prayers for Sunday 3rd April

Lord God, Jesus gave a second chance to a woman whom others had judged and condemned. In the same way, you open new paths for us and make new beginnings possible. Today, we bring before you people who need our care and our prayers.

We pray for an end to the war in Ukraine and the wasting of life, communities, and homes. May our words touch the hearts of peacemakers and bring about just solutions to the crisis facing so many innocent people.

While we pray for peace between Russia and Ukraine, we also remember the people of Syria, Lebanon, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan and all places of conflict and suffering. May Jesus, the Prince of Peace, bring peace to our troubled world.

Many families are struggling to cope with rising prices and job insecurity. May they find the security and stability for which they long so that they can grow together in confidence and love.

Our media often focuses on the bad news and overlooks the good news stories. May we see the signs of new life and hope in our daily life and count our blessings.

The woman in today’s Gospel experienced judgement and condemnation, but she also met Jesus and discovered forgiveness. May we be prepared to forgive those who have offended us.

Holy Week and Easter are fast approaching. May we open our hearts and minds to their message of complete and totally generous love.

Lord God, be with us. Stay with us. Walk with us as we try to walk with you. We make our prayer through our loving Lord who showed us the meaning of forgiveness. Amen.