Bidding Prayers for Sunday 3rd October

Lord God, Jesus calls us to be as simple and uncomplicated as children. We can come to you as we are, with our ups and downs, joys and sorrows, successes, and failures, knowing that you love us unconditionally. We bring you our prayers, spoken and unspoken, for ourselves and for all your children, confident that you will hear us.

We pray for Archbishop Justin who in a series of “Big Questions” responded to questions from the public at major events across the diocese this week, and spoke on how to find security and hope in uncertain times.

We pray for governments and decision makers whose responsibilities affect our lives. May they take time to reflect, to evaluate their choices and to act with wisdom, insight, and compassion.

We pray for the people of La Palma as the volcanic eruption destroys their homes and livelihoods. May they, and all those who are caught up in natural disasters, find the courage and help that they need to rebuild their lives.

We pray for all who are returning to the workplace following the pandemic. May their experiences help them to create an environment of care and encouragement for themselves and all those with and for whom they work.

We pray for children for whom life is hard and love is difficult to find. May they meet someone who will give them the care and support that they need.

We pray for children whose joy and enthusiasm brings hope and meaning to the world around them. May love and laughter fill their days and encourage others to laugh with them.

Loving God, Father Son and Holy Spirit, help us to celebrate your love in our lives. Touch our hopes and dreams with your grace so that they bring us closer to you and to each other. Amen.