Bidding Prayers for Sunday 4th December

Lord of life and hope, today we listen to the challenge laid down by John the Baptist. As we prepare for your coming, we pray, “Come, Lord Jesus!” we bring before you the people and needs of our world, confident of your love for each one of us.

We pray for the Church, and for all religious leaders who work for peace. May their words meet hearts that are open and willing to find ways of ending conflict, war, and bloodshed in our troubled world.

We pray for world, national and local governments, where people are called to serve others with compassion and understanding. May they build a just society and reduce the hardships of those who struggle with the challenges of daily life.

We pray for people who are homeless and for those who cannot find a direction in life. May they discover ways of making a new start, one that is full of promise and hope. May they experience compassion and patience.

We pray for employers and employees who are engaged in industrial disputes. May they find just solutions to their difficulties.

We pray for those who work to feed, shelter, and nurture their families. May they grow together in love and peace towards a future of hope and security.

We pray for children. May they know love and laughter. May they bring love and laughter into the hearts and lives of everyone they meet.

“Come, Lord Jesus!” Fill our hearts, minds, and thoughts as we walk towards you on our Advent journey. Amen.