Bidding Prayers for Sunday 4th February

Lord of life, you healed Peter’s mother-in-law when she was sick. Our world is suffering from many social diseases. We bring you ourselves and the people we know and love, confident that you can help us to restore and rebuild our lives so that we can follow you wherever you will lead us.

As religious leaders challenge us to work for peace, we pray for the energy and enthusiasm to be peacemakers in the world around us.

We remember the peacemakers who are trying to bring an end to conflict wherever it occurs. We pray that their efforts will be blessed with success.

We pray for all those who are sick and for those who take care of them. Give them the healing and courage that they need, now, and in the future.

We know that many people struggle against difficulties which are unseen by those around them. May they find compassionate understanding as they face unique challenges in their lives.

We remember all those who are preparing for important exams, that they might have insight and understanding and the patience they need when revision is boring.

Peter’s mother-in-law quickly cared for the needs of Jesus and his disciples. May those who work in the service industries be blessed in their generosity and hard work.

As bad weather affects so many homes and businesses, we pray for the workers who try to repair the damage caused by the recent storms and floods, that they will be blessed in all they do for others.

Lord of healing and hope, live among us in the hearts of all who know and love you. Amen.