Bidding Prayers for Sunday 5th March

Second Sunday of Lent 

Lord, we place all our hope in you. May your love be upon us this Lent as we prepare for your greatest sacrifice. Hear our prayers we bring before you.

As the number of people sleeping rough in England rose by more than a quarter last year, we pray for all those that are displaced and unable to find safe shelter.

As thousands of schools across England, Scotland and Wales faced further disruption last week, we pray that governments and unions work together to find a solution that puts an end to strike action.

We pray for the 43 people that died in the Greece train crash and all those that remain in hospital.

We pray for all those that are feeling isolated and lonely. May they feel the love and companionship of the Holy Spirit.

As household and family finances become ever more squeezed, we pray that those living on the breadline receive the support they need to survive and thrive.

Lord, help us to find some quiet sacred space this Lent to develop a personal, intimate conversation with you. Amen.