Bidding Prayers for Sunday 5th November

Lord, you call us to follow you but that is often more easily said than done. Help us to be true to your invitation and truly loving towards the people of our beautiful and fragile world.

We pray for all who are calling for peace in our world. May their words touch the hearts of combatants and turn the anger and violence into mercy and compassion.

We pray for the innocent civilians who are trapped in the middle of war. May those who have died now live in eternal peace. May the bereaved be comforted, the displaced find shelter, the hungry be fed and the traumatised be supported.

We pray for all those who are helping others, especially at risk to themselves. May emergency workers and first responders find the courage and strength that they need in very difficult circumstances.

We pray for everyone who has been affected by recent storm damage. May they not lose courage as they clear the debris and rebuild their homes, businesses, and lives.

In this month of November, when we pray especially for those who have died, we also pray for those who grieve the loss of family members and friends. May they know peace of heart and mind and be comforted in their pain.

We pray for those who bring happiness, love, and laughter into the lives of the people around them. May they also have hearts that dance for joy.

Lord of peace and love, dry the tears of those who weep. Fill us with hope and bring meaning to our lives. Amen.