Bidding Prayers for Sunday 6th August

Transfiguration of the Lord | Sunday 6 August | Bidding Prayers

Loving Lord, just as you appeared to Jesus, Peter, James, and John, help us to visualise you in our everyday lives. You are always our brightest light. Hear our prayers we place before you.

We pray that “there’s no future in a world without God”. Help us to make our faith credible through our choices and lifestyle.

We pray for the many families that are struggling over the summer holidays with a lack of funds to healthily feed themselves and their children. May they receive the support and help they require to live happily and healthy.

We pray for the farming community that, following the wet July, are striving to harvest their crops and sustain their livelihood. May the Holy Spirit give them hope for a settled climate.

We pray for all those that lack a feeling of ‘togetherness’ from friends or family. May those that feel isolated find new companionship which provides them with a sense of belonging. Where we can, help us to offer our own care and attention to those in need.

We pray this summer for those that are broken hearted, be that through personal loss, depression, anxiety, or illness. May the Holy Spirit enthuse their weary souls and bestow hope for better days ahead.

We pray for a moment for our own personal petitions…

Lord, we believe that you sent Jesus your Son to show how much you love us, and your Holy Spirit to help us understand all that he taught us. Thank you. Amen