Bidding Prayers for Sunday 6th November

Lord of life, we remember those we have known and loved and who are now with you forever. For some of us, the pain of bereavement is very fresh, and we so need your comfort. Today, we bring you our prayers for our loved ones who are now enjoying eternal life and for all of us who are still travelling towards our heavenly home.


We remember our government and everyone who works to create a united, just and inclusive society. May they be guided by wisdom and a true respect for the unique importance of the people whom they are called to serve.

We remember all those who have died and those who are left behind, perhaps with aching hearts and a feeling of loss. May our loved ones know the joy of your eternal life and love. May all who remain know comfort and support in their grief.

We remember the men, women, young people and children who have lost their lives through warfare, violence or unexpected tragedy. In a special way, we think of families in Ukraine, Somalia, Myanmar, Ethiopia and South Korea. May they find comfort and hope in their sorrow.

We remember the people for whom the current economic crisis is causing hardship and uncertainty. May they find job and food security. Reward the generosity of those who share their time and resources to help others.

We remember those who feel forgotten and overlooked in life. May they find love, appreciation and understanding and may we be instrumental in their journey towards laughter.

Lord of life and love, set our hearts on fire with love for you and help us to radiate your compassion and joy to everyone we meet on our journey to you. Amen.