Bidding Prayers for Sunday 7th August

Loving Lord, yet again today we hear Jesus tell us not to be afraid and so we come to you in confidence with our hopes and dreams, joys and sorrows, successes, and failures. We bring you ourselves and all those whom we know and love and those people whom we will never meet, knowing that you care for them.

We pray for all religious leaders. May they guide our world towards living together in peace, justice, and compassion.

We pray for Archbishop Justin Welby and all those who will take part in the Lambeth Conference. May the Holy Spirit inspire and lead their decision-making on behalf of Anglicans across the world.

We pray for everyone who has been affected by the recent droughts, wildfires, floods, earthquake, and volcanic eruption. May they know the comfort and support that they need to look towards the future in hope. May the world unite to work against the effects of climate change.

We pray for families who are struggling to make ends meet. May they find workable solutions to their difficulties, solutions which will also help them to grow in their love for each other.

We pray for the people of Ukraine, Yemen, Myanmar, Somalia, and Hong Kong. May their human rights be respected and upheld as they search for dignity and freedom.

We pray for Taiwan, caught between the conflicting interests of China and the United States. May there be constructive dialogue which leads to peace and an end to all threats of war.

We pray for everyone who is currently on holiday. May their days be filled with happiness and friendship. May they travel in safety and return home refreshed and at peace.

Lord God, hear our prayers. Draw us ever closer to you who love us more than we can possibly imagine. Amen.