Bidding Prayers for Sunday 7th January

Loving Lord, as we celebrate the feast of the Epiphany, we remember the humility of the Magi, who recognised in the infant Jesus the king of the Universe and knelt before him. As we start this new year, we come before you, hoping that we will also find you in unexpected places and people.

We offer to all religious leaders, may they be heralds of service, compassion and hope during the coming year.

We offer you all those who are in leadership, whether they are in political, intellectual, or technological positions. In 2024, may they strive to serve and not to be served and to work for the good of others who may be less fortunate than they are.

We offer you the world’s peacemakers. May their efforts bring an end to hostility, bloodshed, and suffering.

We offer you ourselves and everyone whom we know and love. May 2024 be an opportunity for hope and solidarity amid some of the challenges we might face in the coming months.

We offer you those who are starting the year with the pain of sickness or bereavement. We pray for courage and support for all those who need it.

We offer you, our families. In the coming year, may we grow closer to you and to each other.

Loving Lord, unlike the Magi, we cannot offer you gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh, but we can give you ourselves completely. Help us to walk with you through the coming year and help us to be the loving people you call us to be. Amen.