Bidding Prayers for Sunday 8th August

Lord God, help us to see Jesus as our connecting point, our bridge between heaven and earth. Draw us closer to your son, Jesus Christ, as we come before you with open hearts and minds.

Let us pray for all those that are suffering with long Covid and the detrimental effect it has had on their lives. We pray that scientists and doctors will understand more about the implications of this new disease and help patients on their road to recovery.

Let us pray for all 16 and 17-year-olds in the UK that will start being offered a first dose of the Covid jab within weeks. We give thanks to all those continuing to work tirelessly in the vaccine roll-out, helping to protect our country.

We pray that those who utilise social media do so with intelligence and kindness. All people should be protected and free from online abuse.

As we embrace the summer months, let us pray and give thanks for the beauty found in our natural world.

We pray for a moment for our own personal petitions…

Heavenly King, help us to find you in all we do. We give thanks for your never-ending love and compassion. Help us to be the best version of ourselves, in your name. Amen