Bidding Prayers for Sunday 8th October

Loving Lord, you promise us your peace if we fill our minds with good, beautiful, true, and pure thoughts. We want you to be with us in everything that we say, think and do.

We pray for all those who have been affected by recent tragedies. May those who have died enjoy eternal life and those who have survived or have been bereaved be comforted.

We pray for the men, women and children who spent their time caring for and supporting vulnerable family members. May God bless and reward their generosity and love.

We pray for people who face uncertainty in their lives. May they find answers to their questions and solutions to their difficulties.

We pray for all those whose work and creativity bring joy and hope to the lives of others. May their passion touch many hearts and bring people to a greater appreciation of our fragile and beautiful world.

We pray for families. May their lives together be filled with peace and understanding and their love for each other grow minute by minute and day by day. May divided families discover healing.

Lord of life and hope, we come before you knowing that you hear even our unspoken prayers. Fill us with your love and let it spread through us to others. Amen.