Bidding Prayers for Sunday 9th October

Lord of compassion and healing, of the ten people with leprosy who were cured in today’s Gospel, only one thought to say thank you – and he was a Samaritan, someone despised by many people in Israel. As we come before you with our prayers, let us also be filled with gratitude for all the blessings you have so generously given us.

WE continue to pray for a just peace in Ukraine, one that is based on mutual respect and dialogue. May those of peacemakers across the world bring an end to suffering, hostilities and bloodshed.

Millions of people across the world are suffering because of the effects of the recent natural disasters caused by floods, hurricanes and drought. May the global community respond to their urgent needs with generosity and compassion.

Job insecurity and the cost-of-living crisis are making life difficult for many families in this country. May family members come together in love to search for solutions to the challenges which affect their daily lives.

We remember all those men, women and children who are making new beginnings at this present time. May they find the encouragement they need and may they be filled with happiness and hope.

Each of us recognise our personal treasure in the people we know and love. May they know health, happiness and safety and be blessed in all that they say, think and do.

We remember those loving and generous people who care for those who are in need, especially as their lives draw to a close. May God bless the hands and hearts which bring comfort and healing to those who are most in need.

Loving God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, draw us into the circle of your love. May all that we have and are yours, forever and ever. Amen.