Bidding Prayers Palm Sunday – 28th March

Today we remember that Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey. People cheered him and laid palms on the road ahead of him. We bring ourselves, our hopes, dreams and prayers to Jesus, the king and centre of our hearts.

We pray for all Church leaders as we start our journey through Holy Week. May they help us to accompany Jesus through his passion, death and resurrection so that, together, we will celebrate the joys of Easter.

We pray for people whose suffering unites them in a special way to Jesus during Holy Week. May they receive the comfort and support that they need at this time and may they find hope on their journey towards Easter.

We pray for everyone who, on Holy Saturday, will be baptised and received into the Church. As new members of our faith community, may they travel in hope, filled and enriched with confidence in the support that we can offer them.

We pray for front line workers, carers and everyone for whom Palm Sunday symbolises their courageous choice to give of themselves on behalf of others. May God bless and reward them for their generosity and compassion.

We pray for all those who, like the donkey, can sometimes feel themselves to be overworked and underpaid as they carry out thankless and unseen work on behalf of others. May they receive the recognition and thanks that they deserve.

We pray for families as we look towards Easter. May they keep in mind the real meaning of Holy Week and, in seeing love’s possibilities, be enriched in their relationships with each other.

Lord God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, be with us as we accompany Jesus into Holy Week and towards his passion, death and resurrection. May Palm Sunday be our doorway to Easter. Amen.