Bidding Prayers Sunday 16th August 2020

Loving Lord, we hear today that your mother, Mary, met her cousin Elizabeth and declared that you made her rejoice in your care for her and for our world. 

We also sing of your goodness as we bring our prayers before you. 

We pray that we will continue to be just and compassionate to anyone who is marginalised and suffering. 

We pray that the people of Lebanon will find the hope and support they need as they try to recover from the recent explosion and the resignation of their Government.

We pray for success in the efforts to control the coronavirus pandemic, for the speedy recovery of those who are sick and for eternal life for those who have died, directly or indirectly, from the effects of the virus.

We pray that God will watch over, bless and protect all those who, in whatever way, work to safeguard others at this critical time.

We pray that students who have recently received exam results will feel hopeful and encouraged as they look towards the future.

Let us pray that countries which are torn apart by a struggle for justice and freedom will find the peace and security for which their people yearn. We pray especially for the people of Belarus at this difficult time.

We pray that families, during this holiday season, will grow closer to each other in love and understanding. May the Lord bless them with health, happiness and safety.

Let us pray for a moment for our own personal petitions.

God of love, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, be with us in the days that lie ahead. Be the source of our hope and our joy. Amen.