Intercessions – 7th February


God, our creator and redeemer, knows us better than we know ourselves and loves us. So let us pray to him trusting that he hears us and wants only what is best for us, his children.

We thank God for the beauty of his created world; for the earth and sky; the depths of oceans and heights of hills; for colours, scents and textures; for love and friendship and the warmth and light they bring to our lives.

We thank God for living amongst us in Jesus, our Lord and Saviour. We pray that the glory of God, full of grace and truth, may shine through those who in Christ are the children of God.

We thank God for the peace and reconciliation he offers to all who have been separated from his love. We pray that he will show us the way to overcome the anger, hatred and greed for power that lead to conflict in our world.

We thank God for the healing Jesus brought into the lives of stricken men and women who came to him. We pray that his power to heal and bring fullness of life will be known in the lives of those who suffer illness, distress or grief.

Lord, our creator and redeemer, we offer you these prayers for your creation and for all the people of the world in whom you delight. Let your spirit of Wisdom speak to us of your will for us and show us the way back to you, our loving and heavenly Father through Jesus Christ, your son and our Lord. Amen.