A Surrey village in beautiful countryside with a remarkable highly decorated Victorian church, wonderful walks through Rhododendron woodland, and a welcoming pub at the end of the day.

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Christmas lunch for Hascombe seniors on Tuesday 4 December

Please take a look at a 360 degree photo taken and made into a tour of St Peter's Church by Roy Reed.

At a recent wedding we were consulted by the couples photographers regarding taking pictures and a video of the wedding and the arrival at the Reception. We think you will agree this gives a new dimension to photography and we are most grateful to the company for giving us permission to use the material.

Please click on the image below to watch the video (hosted on Flickr)

Click here to listen to a talk by Gavriel Gefen, a Messianic Jew about to visit
every country in the world.

Lammas Bread Festival held at St Peter's, Hascombe on 7 August 2016

Another excellent performance by Levine Andrade and the Tapestry Chamber Orchestra who performed at St Peter's, Hascombe to a packed audience on 30 July,2016


About 30 people gathered around the new bench in memory of Beryl Stenning who died on 2nd June 2012 aged 90. Colin Swait,on behalf of the family, dedicated the bench and recalled some of the interesting and amusing incidents since he first met Beryl whilst living in Dunsfold in 1973 and later from 1980 onwards when he and his family moved to the village. Beryl had been a stalwart member of the community organising holidays away for the villagers, the Fete, Harvest Supper, Village Hall etc. Afterwards an excellent tea was laid on for all those present in the new village hall. Click here to view the photos.


  Former Rector of Hascombe weds Anne Atkinson on 25 Jan 2013


  Hascombe In The Snow - Part 2
     (December 2010)


  Hascombe In The Snow
     (December 2010)

Click the banner below to vist the Hascombe Parish Council website.

Hascombe Village Hall
New Hall, fully equipped large kitchen, crockery, tables, chairs, disabled toilets, changing rooms, smaller meeting room, large car park. (Large, tall hall for bouncy castles!)
Enquiries: Tel: (01483) 208033
Book Online - http://www.surreycommunity.info/hascombevillagehall

Hascombe recreation ground
This site, off Mare Lane, Hascombe is 1.8ha in size. It has a cricket pitch, and is also home to the Hascombe Village Hall. Behind the village hall is a well-equipped children's play area with a range of equipment appealing to children from the ages of 2 to 14 years.

St Peters Hascombe Concert
(26th July 2008)
external link (Flickr.com)

Hascombe In The Snow
(January 2009)

Hascombe In The Snow
(January 2009)


50th Anniversary of the
Friends of Hascombe

(14th September 2008)

Hascombe Fete part 1

Hascombe Fete part 2
(2nd August 2008)


Well Dressing & Service
(18th May 2008)

Palm Sunday  
(1st April 2007)


Celebrations in the Village Hall
following Canon Paul Jenkins
first service in Hascombe

(28th January 2007)

Vestry Opening  
(1st October 2006)


Vestry Dedication
(1st October 2006)

Bishop John Neales
80th Birthday
(24th September 2006)


More photos from the
Hascombe Village Fete.

Hascombe Village Fete  
(Sat 19th August 2006)


Click here for details of the
Guide to the parish churches of
Dunsford and Hascombe.

Geoffrey Willis Leaving slideshow 
(Sun 23rd April 2006)


New slideshow of pictures of
St. Peters church
taken by Peter Taylor.

Hoppa is an exclusive community transport service for residents of Waverley, designed for people with transport difficulties. Click here to view their leaflet.



New slideshow of pictures from
Hascombe Choir at Charterhouse
and Palm Sunday.

Hermitage Ensemble:
A professional male choir
from St Petersburg, Russia.


New slideshow of pictures from
Harvest Supper

Latest pictures:
Cricket 12 July
White Horse v Friends
of Hascombe and
Patronal Festival
bring & share
lunch on 29th June


New slideshow of pictures from
service by the pond
(Sun 15th June)



New slideshow of pictures from
After the Carol Service had finished,
carols in the village hall and Crib Service.
(Christmas 2002)

Harvest Supper slideshow 
(Sun 6th October 2002)


New slideshow of pictures from
Hascombe Fete
(Sat 20th July 2002)

New Jubilee slideshow 
(Sat 23rd June 2002)


Two new pictures added to slideshow, including the fountain decorated for the Queen's Golden Jubilee.

Hascombe.com now labelled with ICRA.
(Sat 27th April 2002)

The latest service details for Hascombe and Dunsfold
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Latest (Sat 6th April 2002) pictures of Hascombe  have been put into an interactive slide show. -
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