Pew Sermon for Sunday 11th December

Rutton’s ramblings for 11 Dec 2022

My family, and I hate to dish the dirt on them in this manner – but I think it’s warranted…my family (I suspect, anyway) live in constant fear that I will preach a hellfire sermon at a funeral. I have no idea why they think this, save that they probably see me as a cross between a Victorian missionary, and Mr Bean. And that’s on a good day…

I don’t consider I have ever preached a hellfire sermon at ANY service – although I think it would be fun to have a go…

Which leads us to this week’s passage, and John the Baptist: “You brood of VIPERS! Who warned YOU to escape from the wrath to come!” (My emphasis!)

Well, that might get some attention at the 8 am service, but of course, it might be the wrong sort of attention. And prove the unfounded fears of my miscreant family as well founded, all along…

So, what to do? I have to preach the passage. 

The invective is directed fair and square at an elite political ruling class, who just want to cash in on the popularity of The Baptist without doing anything about it.

What about narcissistic politicians who pretend to be a ‘celebrity’ and go on reality TV shows, crying into the camera lens that ‘perhaps I am seeking a bit of forgiveness’? Before giving the latest girlfried a cuddle (also on camera lens) and then publishing their memoirs on how right they were, and how wrong the rest of the world was, during the covid crisis? A crisis made worse by their actions?

Harsh? Judgemental? Ministers should keep out of politics? Sorry, I disagree with all that, but I am happy to be challenged – give me a call! Maybe we can become celebrities together, discuss it all on camera, and then make a Netflix TV series out of it. Miaow!

John says ‘bear the fruits that befit repentance…’ then I will believe you.

And another John took his advice. John Profumo spent the final 40 years of his life working, for free, for an East End charity. Forty years! No diaries (he never spoke about the affair) no documentaries, no ‘look at me’ C grade celebrity TV shows, no kiss and tell – just honest hard work for charity.

That’s impressive. And frankly, I think that’s the sort of repentance that’s worth striving for. Otherwise, we are all reduced to ‘me, me, me’.

And I think the quiet people, those who keep under the radar and just get on with doing their job, as they see it, helping others: I think they are the gold in society. And I expect you know some of them. And I expect some of you are one of them. They seem to be in every church, holding the place together with their duty, their hard work and their selflessness.

Copy them, not me!

I am just an old Eeyore! (One of my heroes, actually!)

But I will keep going, until someone tells me to stop.

Bad luck.

Love to all of you, and keep in touch!