Prayers for Sunday 7th March

Loving Lord, bring us closer to you this Lent through prayer. Hear our thoughts, wishes, dreams and ideas. Let us allow ourselves to immerse in your unfailing love and never-ending guidance. We give thanks to you, every day, always.

As schools reopen next week, we pray that the coming back together of local communities is a happy and peaceful one. May teachers enjoy resuming face to face classrooms and may children be inspired to get back on track with their learning.

As Coronavirus infection and hospital admissions fall, we pray that the onward decline will provide us all with hope for a brighter and safer future and one that opens up opportunities for business owners and those seeking work.

We pray for all those that have lost their jobs and are currently facing financial insecurity. May they feel hopeful for their future career path by realising their own individual skill set and may potential employers recognise their value and contribution.

We pray for all carers that are nursing loved ones at home and feel isolated and weary. May the Holy Spirit bless, protect and restore them with renewed energy.

We pray for ourselves this Lent. Help us to keep our resolutions and journey with Jesus during the coming weeks ahead.

Lord our God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, thank you for being our constant companion. We place all our trust and hope in You. Amen.